TEAM Lighting specializes in lighting and shade control solutions for dimming, vacancy sensing, building automation, and isolated power systems. We work with top-tier lighting and control manufacturers to bring you the best products for your building automation solutions.

Architectural Control

Adaptable solutions to fully integrate flexible and energy efficient lighting, window treatments, sensors and audiovisual equipment to meet your changing needs.

Commercial Building Controls

Lighting controls systems, relay panels and wireless devices can address the needs of improving lighting quality, reduce operating costs and conserve energy. Building controls are an excellent solution that can be tailored to retail spaces, schools, manufacturers, warehouses, and sports facilities.

DayLight Controls

Create productive learning and work environments by integrating daylight control systems. Money saving solutions also allow for energy code compliance.

Entertainment and Theatrical Systems

Hotels, theme parks, cultural venues, cruise ships, clubs,and more depend on lighting and control solutions that create unique and challenging effects. High performance and attention to detail are key to creating the best lighting solution.

Exterior/Interior RGB and RGBW Color Changing

Through simple interfaces, facility managers can automate and control quality lighting which results in energy savings, lower maintenance costs and maintenance. Through IT connectivity it is the most effective ways to maximize security and meet the necessary code requirements.

Patient Room Control

Studies show that lighting is key to healing. Simple keypad controls allow for single or multiple fixture operation for reading, ambient, examination, or spotlight needs.


Maximize energy with daylight and occupancy sensors that monitor spaces that are not being used by turning lights off or lowering the level of light when adequate daylight exists.

Single Room Solutions

Easy to install, low maintenance solutions help to reduce labor costs while maximizing energy savings in compliance with changing energy codes. Simple, integrated solutions offer daylight harvesting, switching and dimming capabilities all at a manageable price.