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Line Card

TEAM Lighting is a proud representative of the following manufacturers.

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A Top

AFC Modular Wiring

Cable, Conduit, Modular Wiring Systems

Alera Lighting

Commercial suspended, recessed, surface, and wall-mount LED lighting products

Alliance Composites, Inc.

Fiberglass Composite Light Poles

Alphabet Lighting

Premium architectural and decorative LED downlighting, cylinders, pendants, and illuminated handrail

Altman Lighting

One of the leading innovators of theatrical, architectural, film and video lighting.

American Glass Light Company

Architectural LED decorative pendants, wall, ceiling and accent products

American Scientific Lighting

LED Architectural and commercial decorative ceiling, wall, pendant, flood, task, emergency, and utility lighting

Amico Medical Lighting Solutions

LED Healthcare lighting for patient room, exam, and surgical procedure

Anolis Lighting

Static and Color-changing LED products for interior and exterior facade and illumination

Architectural Area Lighting

Architectual Outdoor, LED, Period, Contemporary, Floodlights, Wall Sconces, Steplights, Bollards, Poles/Arms

Architectural Lighting Works

Architectural LED linear recessed/suspended, wall, ceiling, RGB, and Tunable White products


Hazardous and explosion-proof LED lighting for industrial applications.

Arja Light

International manufacturer of custom lighting for prestigious hospitality and multi-family projects worldwide.

Ayre Architectural Lighting

Decorative LED lighting for commercial, retail, hospitality, and multi-family applications

B Top

Barn Light

Hand crafted, American-made RLM domes and shades in a variety of vintage and contemporary styles, mounting options, and finishes, including porcelain enamel.

Beacon Products

Area/Roadway, Arms/Brackets, Bollards, Controls, Decorative Lighting, Floodlighting, LED Retrofit Kits, Poles/Bases, Site Furnishings, Wall, Garage and Canopy

Bender Isotrol

Isolated Power Systems for Hospitals

Birchwood Lighting

Specification-grade linear light fixtures for architectural, commercial, and retail design projects.

Blackjack Lighting

High-quality LED decorative products for ceiling, wall, pendant, and table

Borden Lighting

Architectural Lighting, Table and Floor Lamps

Bruck Lighting

Decorative Pendants, Sconce, Ceiling, Track, Accent, Linear

C Top

California Accent Lighting

Architectural and commercial interior and exterior linear LED extrusions for illumination, accent, display, and color-changing


LED Vapor-proof lighting

Chauvet Professional

Cutting-edge lighting for concerts, stage and event productions, touring, theaters, hospitality venues, cruise ships, clubs, houses of worship, television and architainment.


Recessed Ceiling, Downlight, Pathway/In-Ground, Flood/Spot Lighting, Linear, RGBW

Columbia Lighting

Commercial and Industrial LED recessed, suspended, surface, and wall mounted products

Compass Lighting

LED emergency lighting and exits

Craft Metal Products

Architectural Lighting, Church Lighting, Custom


Automated digital lighting controls and networked computer dimming and switching for education, business, and industry

Crucial Power Products

Primary manufacturer of quality emergency lighting inverters, including pure sine wave, Nema 3R, and 3 phase fast transfer models with KW ratings up to 400KW

CRW Lighting

Custom Lighting

D Top


LED linear, surface mount, multiples, wall mount, and track lighting


Architectural and commercial LED products for recessed, suspended, surface, wall, and healthcare products

DB Lightec USA, Inc.

Industrial LED flat panels, highbays, hazardous, and parking garage products

Deco Lighting

Architectural and commercial LED interior and exterior products for recessed, surface, suspended, wall, flood, and area/site lighting

Delux Custom Lighting

Custom Fabricated Architectural and Decorative Luminaries

Digital Lumens

Intelligent specification-grade industrial LED luminaires and controls


LED emergency lighting, exits, battery packs, and inverters

DW Windsor

Premium Grade Architectural Exterior Pole, Pedestrian, Landscape Lighting and Architectural Landscape Furniture

E Top

Eclipse Lighting

LED commercial, decorative, and vandal-resistant interior and exterior lighting


Linear architectural LED products for task, ambient, cove, perimeter, and exterior facade application

Elio LED Lighting Systems

Manufacturer of LED accent lighting, illuminated safety rails, and illuminated mirrors for commercial and hospitality applications

Ember LED

Vertically Integrated Solar-Powered LED Lighting


LED emergency lighting, exits, and inverters

Engineered Lighting Products, Inc.

Architectural LED cove, recessed, surface, perimeter, display booth, exterior and videoconferencing luminaires

Envoy Lighting

LED Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, Life-Safety, Recessed, Hazardous


LED exit signs, emergency lights and ballasts for commercial and industrial applications

F Top


Architectural LED linear recessed, suspended, surface, wall, cove, and task lighting

First Light Technologies

Architectural exterior solar LED. lighting products including parking, pathway, and pedestrian illumination


High-quality LED architectural interior lighting for recessed and suspended application

Fountain People

Underwater Lighting and Fountains

Future Energy Systems

Retrofit LED products for corporate and institutional clients seeking energy-saving solutions

G Top


Full line of horticultural lighting products including state-of-the-art lamps, ballasts, and fixtures engineered specifically for the indoor horticulture market.

GVA Lighting

Static, color-changing, and dynamic white LED products for interior and exterior facade and accent illumination

H Top

H.E. Williams Lighting

Architectural and commercial LED interior and exterior recessed, suspended, surface, wall, and area/site products

HCI Lighting

Contemporary and nostalgic exterior landscape fixtures and poles with a transition emphasis on LED

Hubbell Control Solutions

Wireless Lighting Controls, Daylight Controls, Networked Lighting Controls, Commercial Lighting Control Panels, Vacancy-Occupancy Sensors

Hubbell Industrial Lighting

LED, Wall, Industrial, HID, Outdoor, Surface, Floodlight, Highbay, Lowbay

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting

LED, Architectural Outdoor, HID, Poles, Bollard, Roadway, Solar, DLC, Area/Site

I Top


Architectural Indoor Downlight, Projector and Track, Pendant, Wall Mount, Ceiling, Table Lamp, Architectural Outdoor Pole Mounts, Floodlights, Downlights, In-Ground, Bollard, Wall, Ceiling

Iluminarc Lighting

LED color-changing architectural lighting for facade and accent illumination

Industrial Lighting Products

Commercial LED interior and exterior products for recessed, surface, suspended, wall, flood, and area/site lighting.

Intense Lighting

Architectural-grade static, tunable white, and warm dimming LED downlights, cylinders, track, mulitples, handrail and landscape products


Architectural LED recessed, suspended, surface, and wall-mounted products

K Top

Kim Lighting

LED, Wall, Specification Grade, Site, HID, In-Grade, Landscape, Roadway, Parking, Floodlighting, Low Level


Specification Grade, Recessed, Surface, Healthcare, Downlights

Kurt Versen

Architectural LED recessed, wall wash, and adjustable downlights and cylinders

Kurtzon Lighting

Industrial and Commercial products, recessed and surface mount products for clean room, hazardous, and clean room applications

L Top

Lauren Illumination

Plug-and-play low voltage commercial lighting system

LEGION Lighting Co., Inc.

Architectural LED interior and exterior lighting


Theatrical and Architectural Lighting Systems Including Dimmers, Controls, Distribution, Fixtures, and Energy Management

Leviton Lighting Controls

Lighting control solutions for dimming, vacancy sensing, and building automation

Lighting Sculptures

Decorative and Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Technologies

LED Exterior Lighting for Roadway, Parking, and Municipal Lighting


LED Architectural Lighting; Wall-Mounted, Suspended, Surface-Mounted, and Recessed-Mounted Luminaires

Lightway Industries

LED decorative interior and exterior lighting

Lindsley Lighting

Architectural decorative LED ceiling, sconces, and pendants


Architectural LED linear products for recessed, suspended, surface, wall, cove, and perimeter applications


High-quality LED track, BusRun, and recessed slot products


Architectural and commercial LED downlights, cylinders, surface forms, track, and task lighting

LLI Architectural Lighting

High-quality linear static and color-changing LED products for accent, cove, and display applications


Multi-Unit Residential and Hospital Lighting LED


Architectural new construction and retrofit downlights, cylinders, and higbays


High performance and sustainable specification-grade LED solutions for commercial, institutional and urban environments.


Innovative US manufacturer of decorative commercial luminaires in a variety of laminated fabric, acoustical felt, and metal finishes. All our products can be easily altered in design, scale, light source, and diffuser effects to create a custom look.

Luminaire LED, Inc.

LED interior and exterior vandal-resistant and confinement luminaires

Luminart Lighting

Designer and manufacturer of sophisticated architectural lighting products for interior and exterior environments.

Lumingen Technologies

LED Industrial high bay, parking, garage, flat panel, area/site


LED Interior and Exterior Architectural Lighting

M Top

MacroAir Fans

The original inventors and manufacturers of the HVLS - High Volume, Low Speed - ceiling fan.


Architectural and commercial LED exterior lighting for area, roadway, landscape, and flood applications


Traditional LED post-top street and pedestrian lighting

Modern Forms

LED Decorative Ceiling, Wall, Outdoor, Table and Floor

Mojo Illumination

Custom LED Architectural Lighting Fixtures

Molto Luce Lighting

Architectural Decorative LED lighting for ceiling, wall, pendant, display and accent

N Top

National Cathode

Cold Cathode Lighting

New Star Lighting

Architectural LED vandal-resistant, confinement, and healthcare lighting

North Star Lighting

Architectural and Commercial LED exterior area, parking garage, flood and sports lighting

P Top

Pace Illumination

LED Surface, Wall, Pendant, Recessed Exterior

Paramount Lighting

LED Wet Location, Hazardous, Cleanroom, Industrial/Commercial

Pathway Lighting

Architectural and commercial static, color-changing, tunable white, and warm dimming LED downlights and cylinders

Pemco Lighting

Traditional LED post-top street, pedestrian, and bollard lighting

Philips Selecon

Highly versatile luminaires with market-leading optics, seamless dimming and endless color combinations that transform any venue or event and command any stage.

Philips Showline

High-performance entertainment lighting, as well as seamless color, dimming and operation.

Philips Strand Lighting

Strand Lighting offers the world's most comprehensive and competitive range of conventional and LED luminaires, dimming equipment, control systems and software to answer the creative needs of lighting designers working in theatre, television, film, themed environments and sophisticated architectural applications.

Philips Vari-Lite

High-performance, technologically advanced and increasingly eco-friendly automated spot and wash luminaires for concerts, movies, theaters, TV, and largescale corporate shows.

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting

Architectural LED linear products for recessed, suspended, surface, wall, cove, and perimeter applications

Premium Quality Lighting

LED Lamps and Energy Saving Lighting Products


Architectural, commercial, residential and retrofit LED downlights, cylinders and track lighting

Progress Lighting

Manufacturer of high-quality lighting for residential applications.

R Top


Church and Point-Source Lighting

S Top

Scangift North America

Manufacturing innovative, cutting edge, creative lighting design that includes models designed by Harco Loor, Brian Rasmussen, Lorenzo Bertocco, Andrea Lazzari, Iconeluce, M. Pagnoncelli, Jacques Adnet, Jean Michelle Wilmotte, Gilles Derain, Bernard Brousse and Theo e Silvia Sogni.

Security Lighting

Commercial Lighting Products Including LED; Catering to Restaurant, Hospitality, Retail


LED Signage for Traffic, Parking, and Pedestrian Use


Architectural-grade recessed, wall-mount, and surface mount luminaires for interior and exterior applications.

Solera Lighting

Architectural Pendants, Surface, Recessed


Colorful and dramatic lighting solutions including flexible ribbon, border tube, and linear wall wash for indoor and outdoor architectural/decorative applications

Sportsliter Solutions

LED sports and arena lighting

Starfire Lighting

Architectural LED linear products for recessed, suspended, surface, wall, and cove applications

Sterner Lighting

Floodlights, Specification Grade, HID, Poles, Site Area, Arena Sports Lighting, Airport Lighting

T Top

Tegan Lighting

Decorative and ornamental LED Lighting for indoor and outdoor applications.


LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial applications.

Traxon Lighting

Static, color-changing, and dynamic white LED products for interior and exterior facade and accent illumination

Truly Green Solutions

LED Lamp Retrofits and Lighting Products

U Top

Union Metal

High mast, sports, and streetscape lighting poles and heads

United Lighting Standards (ULS)

Supplier of Steel and Aluminum Poles for Commercial, Residential, Roadway, and Sports

Universal Fiber Optic Lighting

The Largest Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Illumination for Architectural, Museum, and Display Design

USAI Lighting

Forward thinking, high performance architectural downlighting products for every application.

V Top

Vantage Lighting

Architectural and commerical LED downlights and cylinders


Decorative interior and exterior LED products, including static and color-changing pendant, sconce, ceiling, and healthcare lighting

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

Architectural and Landscape Lighting

Vode Lighting

LED High-Quality Grade Minimalistic and Linear Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems

W Top

W.A.C. Lighting

Decorative, Commercial, Track, Rail Systems, Downlighting

Wagner Architectural Systems

LED Illuminated Handrail, Linear, and Exterior Products

Waldmann Lighting

LED Fluorescent and Halogen Lighting Solutions for Architectural, Office, Medical, and Industrial Applications for Interior/Exterior

Whiteway Lighting

Exterior Security Lighting Systems

Z Top


Bringing the best of European lighting to North America. Our three divisions - Architectural, Design, and Exterior - combine collaborations with renowned designers and architects with leading technologies and well designed and manufactured lighting.